Each Block: $0.49

  1. Divide the area into a grid with 12" squares and mark with chalk lines
  2. Place a cube where lines intersect

  3. Use a paint brush to apply contact cement to the top of each cube.

  4. Place a 4' x 8' x 1/2" thick laminated plywood on top of the sponge rubber cubes. The cubes on the edge of each sheet should be shared by the next sheet of plywood.
  5. Lay several rows of the first layer of plywood.

  6. Place the second layer of 4' x 8' x 1/2" laminated plywood laying the opposite direction in order that seams on the first layer are not aligned with the seams on the second layer.

  7. Screw the two layers of plywood together by using #8 1 1/4" wood screws counter sunk into the plywood.

  8. Screw two sides of the mat border to the sub-floor creating a 90 degree corner which the tatami can be laid tightly against.
  9. Lay tatami tightly in the corner.
  10. Be sure to push the tatami together tightly to prevent gaps and shifting.

  11. Screw the remaining two boarders to the plywood sub floor locking the mats in place.
  12. To finish the sides of the sub floor, 2x4's laid on edge should be screwed to the existing floor around the perimeter of the new sub floor. Do not attach the 2x4's to the sub floor. Doing this will not allow the new floor to float

The result is a super fast surface offering the correct balance between stability, rigidity, rebound and shock absorbing properties.

Students RAVE About The Subfloor

"It makes landing on the tatami a joy."

"Now I'm not afraid of falling"

"I can throw harder and not be afraid of getting countered"

Instructors Love the Floor

"It provides a safe enviroment for students to excel faster and to their potential."

"We have less injuries and more enjoyable workouts."

"Now even beginners can practice more advanced throws"

"It's nice to know we are practicing on a world class fighting surface"

1000pcs or less- $2.40/ cube
1000-3000- $2.13/ cube
+3000 $1.99/cube

U.S. Price
1000pcs or less- $2.08/ cube
1000-3000- $1.85/ cube
+3000 $1.73/cube